Byrd Baggett

Information for Meeting Planners

1. How long are your presentations?

Byrd's presentations are designed to fit your time parameters. For your planning purposes, his keynotes typically run from 45-90 minutes and his half-day sessions 3-3.5 hours.

2. Is Byrd's work guaranteed?

Absolutely! All presentations are 100% guaranteed. If Byrd fails to meet or exceed your expectations, you don't pay - no questions asked.

3. What are Byrd's areas of expertise?

  • Leader Development
  • Team Building
  • Sales Performance
  • Life Balance

4. What handout materials does Byrd provide?

Byrd provides handouts that include the key points of his presentations. Additionally, he provides an "Action Plan For Living" Home Study Guide that supports his half-day personal empowerment program.

5. What are Byrd's AV and staging requirements?

Byrd will bring his own laptop computer, advance mechanism and laser pointer. Following is detailed information pertaining to the additional AV equipment that needs to be provided:

  • Data projector (DLP or LCD).
  • Screen
  • Standard rolling AV cart (42 inches high).
  • Wireless lapel microphone.
  • AC power to AV cart and data projector.
  • Computer to projector connecting cable.
  • Sound patch from laptop to room's PA system.

Set-up requirements:

  • Byrd prefers to work from the floor rather than use a stage/riser unless the audience size exceeds 300.
  • The area above the screen needs to be darkened in order to provide good contrast. Byrd prefers house lighting to be up versus dimmed.
  • Byrd needs one standard round skirted table to accommodate his props.

6. What are Byrd's speaking fees?

Associations and Non-Profits: $7,500 for keynotes and $10,000 for half-day sessions. Corporate: $10,000 for keynotes and $15,000 for half-day sessions. Quoted fees apply to North American engagements. Add $2,000 for non-North American engagements. All fees are US dollars. You will be delighted with Byrd's presentations or your money will be refunded. A 50% deposit is required to secure booking dates.

7. How does Byrd handle expenses?

Coach airfare and basic travel/meal expenses are charged. Full itemization and related receipts will be provided. We make every effort to minimize expenses.

8. Does Byrd pay referral fees?

Yes! Speaker bureaus typically charge a commission of 25% of a speaker's fee. Byrd is willing to pay this commission to the individual who provides a referral that results in a full-fee speaking engagement. If you are unable to accept a referral fee, Byrd will donate your fee to the charity of your choice.

9. What about Byrd's biography and introduction?

Byrd will bring (and e-mail) an introduction customized for your presentation. For a sample introduction (click here) and bio (click here).

10. What about publicity photos?

Here are a variety of photos that can be copied directly. If these don't fit your needs, just advise and we will either e-mail or mail suitable photos. Byrd Baggett Photo (zip file - 3 sizes). To download, right click link and choose Save Link As...

11.Can you mail a demo video?

Yes. Just e-mail your mailing address and we will mail Byrd's interactive Demo CD.

12. What about client references and testimonials?

Byrd 's presentations consistently exceed expectations as illustrated by the following client testimonials: Insurance Industry, Credit Union Industry, Corporate. For additional testimonials and references call our office at 251-610-7574 or e-mail us at and we will respond appropriately.

13. Is Byrd available for my event?

Just call our office toll free at 251-610-7574 or e-mail us at and we will respond promptly as to Byrd's current availability.

14. Does Byrd have a one-piece promotional brochure?

Absolutely! Just click to download PDF.

15. What do you need from us?

Call 251-610-7574 or e-mail and let's set a date. To finalize the agreement, two things are required:

  1. A signed letter of agreement (most details can be found in this FAQ file.)
  2. A 50% deposit.

Also, if this is Byrd's first time with your group, please fill out the event questionnaire linked below.
Pre-Program Questionnaire

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